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Why we started Codex

Codex was founded by Sabin, a therapeutic deep health coach. Sabin realized that finding the right wellness partner can be a daunting task for clients due to the vast number of coaches and instructors available across multiple platforms. Codex eliminates the need for clients to search countless platforms, offering a one-stop solution to match them with the perfect coach or instructor for their unique needs in sports, fitness, wellness, life coaching, healing, and executive coaching.

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Your Wellness Journey?

Codex personalizes your wellness journey by matching you with the perfect coach or instructor based on your unique needs. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless directories and platforms. With Codex, you'll get a tailored list of certified coaches and instructors that fit your specific preferences. It's the smart, efficient way to find your wellness partner.


Codex really streamlines the process. They've made the entire directory really simple, yet extremely efficient!!


Brilliant Fitness and

Are you a wellness Instructor looking to grow your client base?

Grow with Codex - the platform that connects you with clients seeking your unique skills and expertise in sports, fitness, wellness, life coaching, healing, and executive coaching. Our personalized matching system ensures you find clients who fit your style and approach. Join our community of top-notch coaches and elevate your business with Codex's advanced marketing tools and features.

Happy Clients

Cecil Bernard Verified Buyer


Codex is my go to place for wellness. I started by showcasing my services and products, then finding new clients, and then at some point I even started using it for trying out new specialization classes with other coaches. Whether if you are a professional or just curious about the topic, if you care about Wellness, this is the place to be!

Traci Calhoun Verified Buyer


Ever since I joined Codex, I have discovered and experimented with professionals who match my requirements and who allow me to practice in a safe environment and reaching my goals. Codex makes it all so easy.

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